Storage security is critical in healthcare sector.

Cabinet locks are now necessary for many industries. As the term suggests, these are the standard cabinets that are fitted with locks to ensure the safety of its contents and manage accessibility. These are used in almost all industries, with the hospital and healthcare industries as one of the first industries that joined in the adoption of the technology. The popularity of cabinet locks in the hospital industry is drive by several factors, primarily that of compliance and the need to boost efficiency.

There’s no denying the fact that keyed locks or combination locks are helpful but they are only effective up to a certain point. For example, it fails to capture who has accessed the cabinet or when. There’s also the issue of an employee that’s constantly losing the keys. Now, all these can be addressed using wireless cabinet locks. Let’s take a look at why wireless cabinet locks can become a tool to boost security in healthcare and more.

What are Wireless Cabinet and Server Cabinet Locks?

Wireless cabinets and server cabinet locks tap into new technologies to create an efficient way to access stocks and items. These products bring real-time and single-card access control to cabinets and other storage options. Instead of using the standard keys in accessing the cabinets, the organization will rely on local wireless communications to link to existing access control systems. 

In many hospitals and healthcare organizations, the most common approach is to use the existing ID badges instead of the keys. With the use of ID badges, there’s no need to worry about losing and replacing the keys or memorizing codes to secure and remember. Aside from hospitals and clinics, this new security technology is also popularly used in other industries that require efficiency. For example, you can now find the adoption of wireless cabinets and server cabinet locks in law enforcement, logistics, food industry, and retail and data center. In short, these new security technologies are used by operators and owners who value-enhanced security, control, and a more efficient way of conducting audits.

Reasons Why You Should Use This In Your Hospital or Clinic

If your clinic is not yet using wireless cabinet locks and server cabinet locks, then it’s never too late to add one. You can work with local locksmiths in your area and once fully installed, your business can enjoy the following reasons.

  • Promote a convenient way of accessing cabinets. You will put your employees at a disadvantage when using the traditional locks and keys or even the proximity cards. It’s always a hassle to store and use the keys. In most cases, employees tend to lose their keys regularly thus posing problems related to efficiency. And in the medical and healthcare industry, time and efficiency are important elements. This is where the wireless cabinet locks can help. There’s no need to fumble around with the keys, access is made using the employees’ existing ID badges which are always worn and available.
  • Allow authorized access at all times. With the traditional locks, anyone with the key can access the cabinets. And we all know that when one loses the key, this can be picked up by anyone and can be used to open the cabinet. With wireless cabinet locks installed by certified locksmiths, the organization can prevent unauthorized access to important files and medical supplies. Since there’s individual access, then it’s easier for the organization to track inventory.
  • Restricts access to sensitive areas of the clinic or office. In maintaining a clinic or office, there are certain areas in the facility that are highly secured due to its contents. For example, there will be rooms that will include sensitive information like the records of patients. With modern locks, the management can easily protect these areas.

In short, wireless cabinet locks and the use of server cabinet locks can help promote efficiency and security when it comes to storage and inventory management. This doesn’t mean that the traditional locks that are fitted by locksmiths in your area are no longer important. Locks and locksmiths services are still critical in securing the other rooms and storage facilities of your clinic or offices. But when it comes to storing medicines, equipment, and records, a clinic can better promote efficiency with the help of wireless cabinet locks.